.Ancona.it domain registration - Italy

.ANCONA.IT is the ideal extension to identify all the realities in Italy

Registering a .ANCONA.IT domain is an effective way to protect your online identity in Italy and in the world.

.Ancona.it domain registration. Protect your name in Italy!



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Requirements for the .Ancona.it extension

.Ancona.it domain registration rules - Italy

Time needed: 1

To register a .it domain, you must be a resident in the European Community, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Vatican City or San Marino.

.Ancona.it domain transfer rules - Italy

Time needed: 1
To perform a transfer, you must ask the current manager for the authorization code, or auth-info code.

Change of .Ancona.it domain owner rules - Italy

Time needed: 1

To change the ownership of a .it domain, you just need to complete the form in the Customer Area.

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