Certified email

Choose the new system to send emails with legal value equivalent to a certified mail return receipt.

Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) is the new system through which it is possible to send emails of legal value equivalent to a certified mail return receipt with the precise sending time, as established by current legislation (Presidential Decree February 11, 2005 n. 68).

Certified Electronic Mail, guarantees, in case of litigation, the enforceability of the message to third parties.

The term "Certified" refers to the fact that the service provider gives the sender a receipt that constitutes legal proof of expedition of the message as well as any attachments.
In the same way, the recipient's handler sends to the sender the receipt of delivery.

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Send emails with legal value equivalent to a certified mail return receipt
From 10€ / year
(VAT and certification ofIII level domain with CNIPA are not included)


  • Domain such as "pec.client'sdomain"
  • PEC mailbox from 1GB with unlimited traffic
  • Web Access through safe a channel
  • Conformity to current regulations
  • Legal validity of sent/received messages
  • Receipt for successful and failed sending
  • Identity of sender guaranteed
  • Antivirus and antispam
  • Access of most common mail clients (Outlook, Thundebird...)
  • No repudiation of sent/received message

PEC features

PEC Mailbox
Mailbox size 1 GB
Setup price (VAT not included) free
Mailbox price / year (VAT not included) 10€
Price of III level domain certificate with CNIPA / year (VAT not included) 25€*
Total price / year (VAT not included) 35€

*For two mailboxes or more, you only pay the mailbox price (10€) and not the certification price.

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